The inevitable brick walls

While working a favorite conversation of Laney and I's is to contemplate how and when we will get home. For those of you who don't know we have been tossing around the idea of skipping our return flight from Santiago in October to find an alternate way back.

We played with the idea of taking the scenic route through central america into mexico and into the states. But at the speed we are traveling we wouldn't hit Texas until 2012. Which according to the Mayans is when the world is going to end and who wants to be in Texas for that.

Then we thought of finding a way through the caribbean working on a yatch or a cruise ship. But it seems to be a "easier said than done" sort of option. Cruise ships only want round trip workers, makes sense, and yatch work is not so internet friendly. We could always just get to the caribbean and see if we can find something. Hold a carboard sign up on the peir that says " to greneda, or cuba, or florida". But its quite an expensive place to get stuck and even more expensive to leave. So though this plan isn't totally scratched out its white slip on sailing shoes are starting to loose hope.

Then we thought of just getting to the base of the caribbean, say trinidad and flying to miami from there. Plane tickets are cheap. It just might work. But then today we found out you need an advanced tourist visa to get into Brazil, and seeing as Brazil is huge there doesn't seem a way around it. We plan to stop by the Brazilian embassy when we get to Buenos Aires to see how crazy and expensive the process is. Hopefully its painless.

So there you have it our current brick walls. We have learned a lot in the way of planning on our first year away trip. Thankfully we can walk away with a better idea of how to do it next time.

In other news we are still on the farm outside of Mendoza and very much enjoying ourselves. Although we did learn the sad fact that chickens are racist. Its true the brown chickens hate the black chickens and the speckled ones. They attack them when they get to close and won't let them eat until they are done. At least the one black chicken and the small group of speckled ones get along. In fact one gray chicken escaped from the pin because it would rather live a life at risk from dogs and cats than live with the brown birds. I don't blame you grey bird. It seems the only one who isn't racist is the rooster. He has sex with all of them.


  1. i think going up through mexico into texas is a great idea bc ill be living in austin by then and id love for you all to visit. we are thinking about moving into the same area as sara and brad.

  2. I can't decide if it's horrifying or fascinating that chickens are racist. All I keep seeing my head is the scene from "Gone with the Wind" when the slave is chasing down the last lone chicken on the plantation to kill for dinner, saying "Come on! Come on, now. You'sa gonna be Thanksgiving dinner for the white folk." As it turns out, maybe the chicken was simply afraid of the man about to murder him because of his color of his skin. Or maybe just because he was about to murder him with an ax. Who knows... Chickens are complicated.