Departing thoughts on Argentina

Argentina, certainly the most European of South American countries, left us with a sort of relief.

Don't get me wrong we enjoyed our stay in Argentina very much. Especially Buenos Aires, but that city is pretty much another country on its own.

So back to Argentina in general.
It has a similar spirit to a stoner. No real concept of time and really friendly, but laughs at you a lot, doesn't make much sense and eats all your food.
Here are some examples:

In the morning people camp out in line at the bank to be able to withdraw money before the ATMs run out of money. These lines almost certainly wrap around a couple blocks.

Last Monday was a holiday, but no Argentine could tell us why.

While visiting our favorite Buenos Aires pizza joint, San Antonio. We often hoped there will be a futball game on TV, and indeed as always in the stomping-grounds of old men, there was. It was strange though, all that was being shown were videos of the audience. We asked the waiter about it and he informed us that their modest little pizza place didn't have enough money to pay for the cable channel which featured the actual game, but they did get this audience reaction channel. Our friend Tom, who was eating with us, reflected, "it's quite endearingly sad, isn't it?" This is the degree of dedication to futbal in Argentina.

Before we hopped on the bus back to Chile, Jameson needed to mail a package to his family. We went to the Buenos Aires international post which is right across the street from the bus station. People were pouring out the door. We went to take a number from the ticket machine which dispenses the number in which you will be helped. At 10:15AM, fifteen minuets after the post opened we snatched number 270. At that time number 30 was being served. We left with the package, deciding to just send it in Chile.

It seems that urgency is something they only do while driving, and organization only makes it to the bar to watch futball. The flow of the whole country is a river of molasses. It has taught us that our speedy US mentality sometimes needs a drink and a comfy seat.
Sometimes its ok to be late or forget why you went outside in the first place.

Wait...what was I writing about?

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  1. Hi Jameson and Laney!

    Your blog is fantastic! You two are leading a seriously exciting life.

    Laney -- I'm listening to the Amelie soundtrack and it makes me think of you! Miss you!