Birth stone: Topaz

Recap: by Jameson

Last weekend was my birthday, I am now 26, which means I am no longer invincible. sigh.

My mother made me this cake for me.

It is the continent of South America, my mom is great.

Right now we are in Richmond, living in a shed and working some temp jobs, nothing steady.
You would be amazed though at our ability to transform a shed into a cozy space.

So the other day I went to the doctor, which is a big deal for me, seeing as I lack insurance. Without going into details I have had some digestive, slight bleeding from the ass, problems. This has been going on for about a month now, needless to say I have been putting it off because of cost.
Finally, out of fear, I went to the ER, where they told me there was a 10 hour wait. No joke.
Sort of made me laugh at all the argument against "socialized health care" because of long lines, don't think it could get much worse for people.

So the next morning I went to Patient First. I got 4 lab tests done and explained to my doctor my situation, not having health care, being scared. He was great and dropped the doctor fee. So the bill ended up being around $300, which, for me, is still LOTS of money, but it could have been double that.
Basically the doctor said we should hope for a bacteria infection or a parasite, which seemed to be an odd thing to hope for, but here is the break down.
If it is a parasite or infection, then he writes a prescription and it dies, hopefully water boarded first then a painful death, for it, not me.

If it is not a parasite or infection, then it is an intestinal issue, in which case I would need a colonoscopy.
Average Colonoscopy cost: A 5 pound diamond and a pirate chest full of gold.

Two test results have already come back negative, remember we want positive. I will get the results of the other two in a few days.

Keeping my fingers crossed for parasite, because if they all come back negative I don't have the ability to pay for a Colonoscopy.
This uncertainty, the way this healthcare system works, terrifies me. I was crying when I left the doctor thinking about how something like this could completely wipe out my bank account. I know it is just money, but it is a security issue. It makes me feel unsafe, not knowing how this could affect my life.


- Luckily for me I have a support system, my family, Laneys side and mine, who love me and want me well.

- I can apply for financial aid at mercy hospitals, though it's ridiculous to me that hospitals distinguish between mercy and non mercy, at least our country has this option.

- I can seek healthcare when I go to Colombia, they actually have universal healthcare. I know this is a scary word in the US right now, but after seeing this system work in Chile, I'm not to worried.

Example: While living in Chile we stayed with a guy from Chicago (not a citizen), who became very sick. He went to the public hospital, waited for two hours and didn't have to pay for ANYTHING except medication, which was less than $20. He got better in a couple of days.

So there are my options.
If I get worse, keep an eye out for a "donate money to Jameson's colin" post.
It's going to be a blast!


  1. Anonymous6:58 PM

    have you tried doing Pro-biotics (acidophilis)? there are reports that people who took a high amount of Acne Medication at some point in their life, lose all good bacteria in the digestive tract.


  2. Jameson, that is awful! I went through something similar recently -- had to pay out of pocket for medical treatment because I have no health insurance :-/ Good luck and I hope everything is ok.