Check Up: A Medical Update

Test results for virus, bacteria and parasite came back negative.

Which means it is recommended that I have a Colonoscopy. Otherwise know as the arm and leg proseguir for those without healthcare.

I stopped by the Fan Free Clinic to see how long a financial screening takes, about a month. In a month I will be vacationing in Colombia, so my colin plans, as of now, are to seek care in Colombia, or take care of my body until I return to the US.
Either one sounds fine to me.

It should be noted that I am feeling better, and that my "movements" have changed to a more solid, less blood, state. They are now also occurring less regularly, perhaps too irregularly. I am also eating less, my appetite has suffered (but this could be from the mental stress). None the less, I am feeling more healthy.

Also I acquired some knowledge recently, from my friend Jet, explaining that some people who were on a heavy acne medication, at some point in their lives, had intestinal issues. Seeing as I was once on Accutane, a very powerful, plenty of side effects, drug for acne, this self diagnosis has not been ruled out.

However we will never know for sure, without a Colonoscopy.

So if anyone knows a doctor, who needs some home repairs, or a new deck, or a live in nanny, maid or cook in exchange for a colonoscopy. Let me know.

- Jameson


  1. Dude. So sorry to learn about all this. Wish Steve could do a home colonoscopy for you, if there even is such a thing. Keep us posted!
    Much love and happy belated birthday. 26? Weren't you just a little kid about five minutes ago?

  2. I can just imagine it now. Steve looses his medical license after officials find his nephew's blog, with a post titled;
    "Today my Uncle shoved a fiber optic camera up my ass".

    Oh well, I will be looking into free clinics.

    Oh and to answer your questions, yes, I am now 26; and yes, I was a little kid five minutes ago. Literally.
    My voice finally changed and my chest burst with man hair.

    about time.