The other day, after dinner, we went out to a local ice cream 'parlor' for dessert.

Looking at all the neon flavors in their freezer burnt containers, in somehow, the 'highest recommended' location, it sort of hits you that Colombians don't really eat ice cream, and therefore, its not very good.

I did the only thing I could. As I was scanning from dark orange 'chocolate' to bright blue 'hell if I know'
I spotted a container that was packed with colors, and by 'packed' I mean what colors may look like after a car accident.

It had pastel chips, chocolate cookie chunks and green swirls collaged in a horrifically murdered rainbow.

"What is that flavor?" I asked the woman in spanish.

"That?" she points, "That is all the cream flavors hand-mixed into one container."

"Perfect, I'll take that one."

It was awful of course, in that, 'I dare you to' sort of way.

In one lick you got chocolate, bubble gum, lime and rum raisin.

Unfortunately we didn't have a camera for photo documentation. So you will just have to imagine the horror, that is, Colombian Ice Cream!



  1. How excellent. That reminds me of teaching preschool and asking the kids what their favorite pizza topping is and getting a reply like "Gummy bears!" Lemon, lime, and tomato sauce. Mmmmm.

  2. Oh, now I am curious;) happy to see you again up there!