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We are currently in the midst of a 30 hour road trip, from Austin to Washington DC, somewhere in South Carolina right now.

We got the ride from craigslist rideshares, and despite whatever horror stories you have heard from the gossip blogs about a couple of awful incidents that happened out of the millions of fine rideshare transactions take place everyday, we have only had pleasant experiences with actual rideshares.

In fact the only negative experiences we have had was in Atlanta trying to get back to Virginia, when three ride offers either backed out at the last second or never returned our phone calls, with us waiting hours past the time we were supposed to meet up.

So overall, as long as you exchange web profile pages (like facebook, myspace or any other life sucking, friend database) to prove to the offered or rider that you are indeed a real person, we consider rideshare a great way to travel.

- Whiskey


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  2. I've had to convince people about the benefits of couchsurfing, so I can imagine the horror folklore associated with rideshare.