A note from home

Sometimes you get to a place where money just looks like numbers.  You forget all the hours and hours that you worked to make 2,000 dollars and it all seems like vanity because you just want to use it to be somewhere for a few days.  This is how I feel right now, with Jameson on the other side of the world.  I am comfortable, in my beautiful mother's beautiful home with everything that I could ever want... but I have always been attracted to adventure.  I see pay checks as plane tickets.  Greater education is being in the middle of nowhere with the sun and the moon and the trees.  It is difficult for me to think of my greatest love adventuring in some far off place, learning important lessons about life and himself while I am back where I began. Although I have this deep desire in me to go and meet him on the road for the next two weeks, I know that I have already chosen my path for this time and it is a much  more subtle one.  My lessons are going to take a different type of discipline.  I am ready for the challenge but I hope that I have the inner fortitude to learn what I need to learn and to not constantly distract myself.  
Friends, wish me well on my journey too.  To be in the same place with people who have known me my entire life and to focus on interacting with them out of love and gratitude.  To find beauty in the small and simple things of everyday life.  


  1. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I have found that some of the greatest lessons are learned when the familiar becomes profound, when your half-opened eyes are suddenly illumined. I pray you will find the wonder in the every day. XOXO Nana Mom

  2. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Laney, I hope it's a good time for you to be home and enjoy your family and some down time.

  3. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Is this college graduate talk for "I'm out of money"

  4. Anonymous12:34 PM

    No, anonymous stranger, I am not out of money. Thank you for your concern.