Adventures in American Diners: Bethany Beach Fire Station

Bethany Beach, Delaware.

oK, so admittedly this is not an actual "diner" per say, but rather a fire station doing a fundraiser breakfast. We will let this detail slide for the sake of breakfast exploration. Seeing as Bethany Beach is usually a very tourist oriented area, it was kind of nice to see the settled side of the small town. You could tell that most of the guests recognized each other, but certainly did not recognize us.

The food was set up as a buffet line with Bethany's finest serving the plates. At first we noticed that the eggs were kind of, dark. Turns out they were cooked in bacon grease, but after a mention of us being vegetarians they scrabbled us up some non-bacon ones.

Over all it was a pretty standard American breakfast: eggs, miniature muffins, pancakes, hash browns, toast, fruit and juice.
Though it seemed better in the company of firefighters.


There's been a delay!

There has been a blog update delay because Laney lost the cable to connect the camera to the computer. We have found a way around it in the meantime.

So much has happened in the past weeks. We spent memorial day at Bethany beach where Jameson learned how to go crabbing. It took some persuasion to convince him that it, in no way, harmed the crab. It's not like fishing where even if you throw them back they still are left with a gaping wound in their head. Jameson has this deeply indescribable tie to crustaceans. You can see it in his eyes when he's playing with out pet hermit crab. But I think that he enjoyed crabbing, despite an emotional dilemma, when one got caught in the net for a minute.

Very entertaining, seeing the little things in their natural habitat.
We learned how to tell if you've caught a male or she-crab.

After Crabbing we strolled the beach where numerous Horseshoe Crabs (technically not actual crabs) had washed to shore, dead. It was a sad and confusing sight. What caused all of these aquatic spiders to wash on shore dead?


It was great to break away from the city for a bit to spend some time with the ocean. It seems to be calling us more and more often these days.