Right near da beach... BooooOOOY!

We were in Bethany Beach, Delaware for the past few weeks.

We had our friends Andrea and Kevin come visit, so we went..


To an Amusement Park:

Inside a Haunted House:

On a DogFish Head brewery tour:

It was all very relaxing.

Until Irene showed up, and the town was asked to evacuate.

Sun, Moon, and Traffic Tour

I know that I haven't said anything about our tour yet.
We've been running around ever since we got back, a little more gracefully than chickens with their heads cut off. I (Laney) have somehow contracted some kind of summertime cold since returning to VA and today am just well enough to sing for the WRIR 97.3 Radio gig we have tonight.
Tour... tour was profitable, which was a great gift. After our two month tour across country earlier this year, this two week tour seemed to fly by. The first few days we spent in the DC- Baltimore area, wading through hours of traffic on 95 and the beltway.
Our tire blew out on 95 North from DC to Wilmington DE. It was the first time that we have used our membership to AAA that my stepfather Reilly so kindly gifted us last Christmas.

This made our arrival in PA a godsend. After staring at 18 wheelers in gridlock for hours and hours we were breezing through Amish country, counting little roadside shops with homemade rootbeer. It also happens to be the home of the world oldest Goodyear dealership.

Our experience in Philly was pretty amazing. We played this venue called the Bookspace. It's a giant warehouse full of seemingly unorganized books, art, couches, and lamps.

On a more serious note;
my eyes were opened to the poverty that Northern Ohio has been left in by the shifts of industry. The people were lovely in Youngstown and Toledo, the community close knit and strong, like struggle makes a society. These post-industrial towns have a beautiful glowing light of hope and inspiration growing from their center.

We also ventured in West Virginia. What a beautiful state it is! Rivers, Mountians, Green pastures, waterfalls, and wonderful hospitable people who love live music. We hiked by the Potomac in Shepardstown WV.

We visited Jameson beloved family in Indiana. It was a nice rest, they fed us and we slept in a big comfy bed. They even had a swimming pool which we played in with their youngest sons Simon and Jude.

When we returned to Richmond, we were not all that road
weary. I think that we may be getting used to all the chaos of tour. Slowly we are learning how to stay balanced and healthy while on the road. The more we do it the easier it gets... mostly because we make more and more friends who take care of us when we pass through. It's been a great gift to be able to travel the country in this way!