-----------> Arrival

We arrived safely to Bogota this morning, and made it just in time for the countries Alumbrado Navideno (illuminated Christmas).

In which many cities and towns compete to have the best light displays in public plazas or wherever they want them. Normally the city of Medellin wins. A city we were already planning to visit, but now we are going to try and get there before the lights end on January 7th.

We will be in the city´s historic distric La Candelaria tomorrow for a warm weathered new years!

This was the best decision ever.



Washington DC-------------> Bogota, Colombia



13.5 inches of snow

So while house sitting in Lynchburg the sky decided to drop lots of snow on the ground. The entire town has pretty much shut down, though we hear you can still order delivery pizza.

So what do you do when your stuck at the house with lots snow on the ground?...

...Build a GIANT Snow Monster!

*inspired by Calvin & Hobbes.

If you look close you can see the scared faces of little snow people being eaten by our killer snow monster.


Farmville, the New Bethlahem

Every year in the little town of Farmville Virginia the community Church of Christ (whose pastor happens to be Jim Price, Jameson's father) puts on a very special reenactment of the christmas story. It's a drive-through live nativity with scenes representing various stages of the biblical account of Christ's birth. It's really quite a production requiring lots of work and faithful volunteer actors. Last year when Jameson and I drove through ourselves we thought about what a wild road side attraction this must be for people who are not familiar with the Bible, or how strange it would seem to a foreigner. Its a special time for the church.
Jameson's mom thought we would make the perfect Mary and Joseph this year with Jameson's beard, our dark features, and our angelic way of carrying ourselves. We spent four hours sitting in the hay with a baby doll and a donkey.
Needless to say, it was cold.
But at least now we have the perfect picture for our christmas card.

Snow in DC.

We didn't snap any pictures while it was coming down, but trust me, it was beautiful.

Here are some photos of the aftermath, at the grandparents house in Great Falls.

We took the metro deep into the city Saturday night, and I watched the snow fall in front of street lights.
There is something wonderfully tolerable about cold weather mixed with snow. It makes you feel like there is a point for wearing a coat.

Just when I thought I had bled all of my mid-west blood, I see snow, and I want to go sledding.

- Jameson


Food Log

I started keeping a Food Log about a week ago.
Goal: to monitor what I am eating and to keep track of my poops. That way I can see if they have any correlation. Which would mean that my digestive issue is based on diet and not some inflammatory bowel disease.

*It was here that I had posted a sample of my food and poo log, but Laney found it inappropriate to discuss on the blog, so I removed it.

My "movements" have been looking better, and now lack the scary details from the past.

Still, I probably need a colonoscopy. I am thinking that Colombia may be the best place to have this done.

Beyond my issues we are both in DC, happy, healthy and helping Oma..

..I promise to stop blogging about my poops.