Working at Orr Springs

The four days before my birthday we spent doing a work exchange at a little northern California mountain cove called Orr Hot Springs. It's a beautiful little rustic retreat center with three thermal pools, a sauna, steam rooms, and private baths. We worked six hours a day digging ditches, pruning ferns, and clearing fallen trees from the hillsides and in exchange were given full access to all of the pools and were housed a cozy little private "yurt" with a heater and a skylight. All the manual labor made the hot springs always appreciated. I feel like Jameson and I really benefited from no internet of cell phone for four days, just us and the woods and the water, and of course the hippies naked and blissful, soaking their worries away. I wasn't allowed to take any photos of the springs due to the "clothing optional" policy of Orr, but I did snap a few of us working on clearing paths and eating breakfast.

N Street Cohousing project: Davis, Ca

Established in 1986, the N Street CoHousing is one of the more interesting community things in Davis. Years ago, about 10-12 houses on N Street all agreed to remove their backyard fences to create a private community area. They now have a community house and lots of gardens and play structures for their children.

We stayed here in Davis for two nights. A friend of a friend from Virginia had relocated to the Davis a few years ago and welcomed us into his home full of very cool interested and laid back roommates and nightly family dinners. They had built a loft bed over the washing machine and dryer where Jameson slept.

The community produced a lot of it's own food, each home had a little patch of garden which at this time of year was full of beets, arugula, spinach, and swiss chard. There were about 10 egg laying hens that I saw roaming around and eating bugs. They even had a bunch of bee boxes and the whole time we were visiting we ate from this massive mason jar full of crystlized honey.

In the back yard there were several giant citrus trees. The one pictured below was grapefruit tree. I made a really delicious honey and grapefruit dressing one night for dinner.

Jameson and I were both really inspired by the project and have been brainstorming how something like this could be possible to copy in Richmond. It seems like the perfect fusion of life in the country and life in the city.
To find out more about N Street Co housing visit:


Santa Cruz Sea Lions

Don't worry friends, these sea lions aren't injured or dead. They are just chillin and listening to the coastal music, the California way.


Santa Cruz rulez!

Santa Cruz, California I know we just met, but you have been added to our list of "places we might have babies in".

Here are some reasons why:

Santa Cruz is on the coast. That means there is surfing, volleyball, swimming and seagulls.

Santa Cruz has a decent amount of ALL vegetarian restaurants. Including a Space Diner themed one. This goes hand and hand with this city having a pretty good indie crowd.

People grow these in their yard! Yeah its and artijoke.

There is an amusement park on the boardwalk. You can ride a roller coaster 20 yards from the ocean.

There are LOBO MARINOS (Sea Lions) here!

It looks like this.