Atop of Beech Mountain, NC lies an abandoned amusement park themed after The Wizard of Oz, called: Land of OZ

It opened in the 1970's and only thrived for ten years, shutting down in the 80's.
It has recently been revived by having an annual festival to celebrate it's magical spot within the forest.

Still it remains, for the most part, abandoned. Containing rusted metal carousels and empty pools of dried water rides. This feeling of abandonment adds to its forgotten allure.

It is a very striking to see and has such a surreal presence.

I would love to go back one day for their festival.
If you are interested check out:


oh St. Pete, you're a treat!

Congratulations St. Petersburg, Florida, you have been added to our list of "places we might have babies in".
Now I know that may come as a shock to some of our readers, but St. Pete is a happening place.

It has an active nightlife with its main road full of hip bars, cute little galleries and clothing Boutiques with DJs.

Continue down the road towards the bay and you will reach the fishing pier and marina, which is full of fish, begging birds and house boat neighborhoods.

This is St. Pete's official bird, the pelican.

Also along the Tampa Bay is the Dali Museum, which is, absolutely, one of the best museums I have ever experienced.

If you had decided to walk away from the bay, going west then you would eventually run into the Gulf of Mexico and all of its glory.

A sunset over the ocean on the east coast. What more could you ask for.

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