Getting high on Oxygen

Today I went diving for the first time in my life with my good Colombian, dive instructor, friend Franco (as pictured below).

We saw squid, blow fish, rock fish and eels patrolling the ocean floor. While neon fish rolled across cotton candy colored coral hills.
As we were ascending to the surface a school of bright blue fish swam right through us.


Adventures in Colombian Fruit: Part 6

This is Pitaya

By far one of the most refreshing fruits I have ever had.

It has a sturdy, bumpy, yellow surface but not much of a smell.

When you cut it open it looks great. It is a fruit that taste better raw than turned to juice, though they do both here.

The consistency is that of a snow cone or italian ice with out the cold. Its soft clear center, dotted with crunchy black seeds, melts in your mouth.

It taste like a non-sour kiwi, but is as refreshing as lemonade.
It is sweet to the tongue and was quickly consumed.

Very yummy.


Hotel Oso Perezoso

We have been doing a work exchange with this hotel for almost a month now. Needless to say, we have stayed so long because we love it here.

Here is a some work we have done pictured above:
1) Hotel sign
2) Mosaic entrance
3) Suspension bench with mosaic trim sidewalk
4) Full view
5) Friday movie nights at the hostel
6) Room signs with numbers
7) Roof construction
8) Paper mache lamp shades
9) Fake fish on lit grill


Adventures in Colombian Fruit: Part 5

This is Guama,

and it is freaking weird.

It is like holding a giant bean pod.

Then you crack it open and it looks like a bug or a spider has spun a web or nest all over the fruit inside.

Then you pick it up and still think maybe its an insect nest.

Then you walk outside to find a local and ask them if this is what the fruit is supposed to look like.

After an unconvincing 'yes',
you put it in your mouth and think, "Oh my God I just put an insect nest in my mouth."

But unless these insect babies taste sweet and the nest was spun around a giant black seed, you can safely assume you are just eating a very weird fruit.

It tastes a bit like edamame mixed with the flavor of kettle corn, all wrapped around a giant seed that isn't at all tasty.

The consistency is exactly what I think an insect nest would feel like to eat.

Once you get over that, it tastes pretty good and its fun to peel off the seed inside your mouth.

But if you think the consistency is shocking, no one here turns this fruit into juice!

It is always eaten raw.


slide show: Tayrona National Park

We just spent the past four days here.

Swimming naked at the nude beach, eating fallen coconuts and hiking in the jungle through an indigenous village.
While the monkeys howled at constant interuders.