good beer.

A co-worker recently bought me a Thomas Creek "Deep Water DoppleBock Lager", as payment over a bet as to who would win the World Cup.
Although the game was a boarder-line disgrace to the name of "futball", full of bad passes and penalty cards. This tasty beer did come out of it.

I must say, it certainly shocked me.

When you see the word "lager" on the bottle you aren't expecting what you taste. Thick, dark Lagers like this "DoppleBock" are hard to come by in the US.

If you see one around, you should give it a try.

I enjoyed it.
just a few of these and I am the background man
6.25% ABV


I started doing something recently that I had been planning on doing for a long time.

I became a bicycle helmet enthusiast.
think about it.