Chilean Sanitation

Our resaurant has been forced to meet Chilean Health Code regulations.

no joke.


  1. I hope our government doesn't get any ideas. You look like overly cautious relatives in a maternity ward!!

  2. No way. Really? My main memories of Chile are fat dude in greasy t shirts plopping fried chicken and papas fritas down on my plate with their bare hands.

    Ah . . . the good old days hahaha.

    At least you get to look funny enough to laugh at each other all day.


  3. Your right Wade!
    It is like this.
    Apparently when restaurants first open the ¨real¨ health code regulations are implemented harshly. Whether by letter or representative. Just to scare owners

    Then you never see or hear from them again. Which is why most restaurants feature said ¨fat, T shirt, bare handed man¨.

    I also noticed that most of the only fat people we found in Chile were such said fat men.

    Oh Chile...