Food Log

I started keeping a Food Log about a week ago.
Goal: to monitor what I am eating and to keep track of my poops. That way I can see if they have any correlation. Which would mean that my digestive issue is based on diet and not some inflammatory bowel disease.

*It was here that I had posted a sample of my food and poo log, but Laney found it inappropriate to discuss on the blog, so I removed it.

My "movements" have been looking better, and now lack the scary details from the past.

Still, I probably need a colonoscopy. I am thinking that Colombia may be the best place to have this done.

Beyond my issues we are both in DC, happy, healthy and helping Oma..

..I promise to stop blogging about my poops.


  1. hah, you two crack me up! Have fun with Oma!

    And Jameson -- even our Grandad is on facebook now. You'll cave in sooner or later!

  2. I would love to know the details of you movements! Actually I am a bit worried about you. I know you don't know this, but My job here in San Fran is a nurse at an endoscopy center in which I assist the physician with colonoscopies. Maybe I could get some answers for ya.

  3. UPDATE*
    Eamils were exchanged and
    EHemingway's knowledge helped.