Adventures in American Diners: Jean's Country Diner

Providence Forge, VA

Sandwiched between two gas stations, Jean's Country Diner shows you what the Virginia country side really cares about: America and Buttermilk Biscuits, and God bless um for it.

We felt a bit out of place when we first walked in, seeing as I was the only male with out a camo or flag bandana, while Laney was the only Female without frizzy, maybe dyed blonde hair. But this is what American Diners are all about. The culture, the environment and the food. A diner in the city is different from a diner in the country is different from a diner on the waterfront. That is what this series plans to explore, and so we started with Jean's.

Decorated with old Christmas lights that are unlit and televising a church service in the corner, Jean's has character. You walk up to small window next to the kitchen to place your order from a paper menu tacked to a cork board. The menu is standard breakfast and lunch items, eggs, pancakes, hamburgers and BLT's, all at a budget price.

We had a silver dollar plate, 2 eggs w/ grits and a biscuit, an egg, cheese and tomato biscuit sandwich w/ a side hashbrowns, coffee and tea for about $10. Though the portions weren't sizable it was a good value for sure.

We ate our food off of the served paper plates, with the provided plastic utensils.
It was good, all very satisfying, except the hashbrowns, they were dry and sort of "blah". The biscuits though, in contrast, were great.
Jean's Country Diner was a perfect first selection to this continuing series.

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