American Mail Boxes

After driving by this mailbox we decided to take some research pictures our selves in a series we are calling:
American Mail Boxes: A Study of Culture.

Now we see A LOT of strange mail boxes, but don't exactly have time to grab a camera and document them. We are on tour, not collecting photos for a new coffee table book.
But here are some that came out.

The Classic: without a face.

This mail box stood approximately 12 feet taller than the regular sized mail box beside it.
The side of the box read "Air Mail"

You know you're at the beach when you see cheesy mail boxes. After passing dozens of Lighthouse mail boxes this "homemade" delight caught our eye.

I don't even know what to say about this one.

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  1. I saw similar mailboxes on the way to the mountains this past weekend, the bass mailboxes were my fave!