Working at Orr Springs

The four days before my birthday we spent doing a work exchange at a little northern California mountain cove called Orr Hot Springs. It's a beautiful little rustic retreat center with three thermal pools, a sauna, steam rooms, and private baths. We worked six hours a day digging ditches, pruning ferns, and clearing fallen trees from the hillsides and in exchange were given full access to all of the pools and were housed a cozy little private "yurt" with a heater and a skylight. All the manual labor made the hot springs always appreciated. I feel like Jameson and I really benefited from no internet of cell phone for four days, just us and the woods and the water, and of course the hippies naked and blissful, soaking their worries away. I wasn't allowed to take any photos of the springs due to the "clothing optional" policy of Orr, but I did snap a few of us working on clearing paths and eating breakfast.

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