New Traditions

We have always wanted to create our own traditions for our future family.
We knew that we wanted to incorporate the solstices and equinox so we decided to start this year with the Winter Solstice.

Every Winter Solstice we will go outside during the day and raise our hands to the sky and say to the sun,
"Thank you sun, for all the food that you helped grow, see you more in the spring."

Then we will go buy or find a cactus, decorate it, name it and add it to our cactus collection.
This ones name is "Plantain"

Then we will snack on Pistachios before our friends come over for a soup potluck and tell each others fortune with the shells.

Of course we know pistachio shells don't tell fortunes, but it is still lots of fun.

These new traditions are adaptations of ancient solstice traditions:
1) Thanking the sun for the light and heat which helped grow fall crops (like root vegetables and gourds).

2) Decorating a tree that stays green during the winter. This is what lead to the tradition of the christmas tree. We will decorate a cactus, which also stays green during the winter.

3) Gather friends and family and tell each others good fortune over a fest. We will have a soup potluck.

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