It took us nearly a week to arrive and when we finally got here at 11 pm, our hostel was locked and no one was there to let us in. We went to a nearby Internet cafe to call some friends. Desperate we trekked up to the caves where another hostel was located. We passed out hard in our bunk beds and woke up late. When I first opened our bedroom door I found the view that has been haunting me these past six years I've spent away from Granada. Nothing about it had changed.

We went back down to the city where our hostel, the maktub, is located. It is nestled in the center between two streets covered with arabic craft and tea shops. My old friend Francois greeted us with apologies for the last night. He fed us some soup and we sat on the terrace and put together our work schedule. Everything was good but the cold. It is still so cold here and the past few days were raining and freezing. This ancient house has no insulation. Jameson has been spending a huge portion of his day hiding under the covers in bed. All I want to do is go and explore, revisit every little side street I walked on in my previous life here, but the weather has made that pretty impossible to enjoy. Jameson and I have been manically seeking spots of sunshine. Today was our first day with no rain. We took a 4 hour walk through the mountains and olive groves to an abandoned monastery. It was the beautiful kind of day that I remember always having in Granada. I must have blocked out all of memories of the cold . Hopefully the weather will get better quickly so my thin little Jameson wont turn into a popcicle and spend his days wishing he were back in the carribean.
- Laney

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  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Jameson has always hated to be cold! It's in the 80's here!! What a difference an ocean away and a few latitudinal degrees north can make! Stay warm!
    Nana Mom