We are children again

So last weekend Carytown had an event called Chalk Up the Town, which did nothing more than hand out free chalk, and tell people to draw.
You were encouraged to abstain from naughty words or controversial topics, but I saw some rule bending, as Richmond is known to do.

Here are some pictures of the event that we didn't take:
(our camera wasn't working at the time)

It was a lot of fun. I drew a giant snail with a television head, flower vines coming from under trash cans and news paper stands, and one (pictured above) asking "Where can we recycle?" in Carytown.

I really think Richmond has some of the best, random, festivals and events.
This weekend is Earth Day and Fish Festival. These aren't separate events, they are a combined (related?) festival. What?

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  1. reminds me of chalking up the neighborhood with Maya and Dylan! I love and miss you guys!