Skipping Winter Round 4

Before leaving the cold for warmer grounds I found myself pondering the concept of skipping winter. This is our fourth year doing so, either missing it entirely or partially.

Typically autumn welcomes us home. There is nothing quite as beautiful as a Virginia fall. Toothpick trees bursting earth tone colors, the harvest atmosphere. The holidays are close by and seeing our family and friends makes it easy to return to the old dominion.

Then christmas and the solstice pass with the first post holiday frost and my mental state starts to panic. Somehow the frosts don't bother me during holidays, it is only when I'm expected to carry on as if everything were normal that my biological instincts ignite. This is not normal it is cold. I am a mammal, and as such when it is cold I want a home, I want to hibernate while storing up fat and food.

So every year, sometime after December 25th I start dreaming of setting up a business or buying some property to store my things and create a home. But we current humans are a different kind of mammal, we have a choice to be a bird. We have the power to ride a giant metal hawk without flapping wings south to warmer climate and ignore our natural responses. This is the ability of being human during a time of technological advances, hell, me sharing this thought on the internet is proof.

So rather than build a home in a hurry I wait and consider the alternatives and subject each location to consideration. The world is large and I can see it, I live in a time where that is possible. So for now I am a bird.

Perhaps next year I will be a fish.


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