Cristo Chapel

Nestled against the old fort wall between cobble stone roads sits Capilla de Cristo, dedicated to Christ the healer. It's strategic location is based on a Catholic Miracle that took place hundreds of years ago during a San Juan festival just over the edge of the towering fort walls.
I designated it as a 'Catholic miracle' instead of a regular miracle only because I find most catholic miracles to be happy coincidences rather than hand of god interventions, but I will let you be the judge.

So during this festival it was tradition for a group of strapping young lads to race horses around the perimeter of the city walls and on this particular year one of the more promising racers took a turn too sharp and plummeted over the wall, horse and all. As he was falling to his inevitable death an elderly onlooker cried out to 'Christ the Healer and good fortune' for his life to be spared. The horse died, because catholic god cares very little for animals, but miraculously the man survived! The story doesn't say whether he walked away unscarred or was paralyzed for life, but I am guessing the latter is true if his glorious condition wasn't elaborated on.

So after this 'miracle' they built a shrine to Christ the Healer and good fortune.
This shrine is particularly interesting, however because numerous people come here to ask for healing to specific areas of their bodies by placing small silver charms of what ever body part my be inflicted upon the shrine. So framed against the wall and laying on the ground are silver hearts, hands, lungs, legs, heads and anything else you can think of (though didn't notice any erectile distinction charms).

Outside of the shrine they sell small silver charms for people to offer or carry with them. They didn't have an intestine charm, I am guessing because it would look like poop, so I got a silver leg.

When I was younger I severely broke my leg and as I get old I notice that after rain storms or a jog that it starts to ache. So I now where this charm to see if catholic god will prevent it from hurting in the future.
Good thing I am not a horse.

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