Laneys Dad visits!

It is wonderful to have one of our parents join us for a short period of time on the road! Thank you, dad, for making this trip.
We planned it like this: 2 days in San Juan, 2 days and nights on the island of vieques and one last hooray in the rainforest. So far so good. It's been an amazing time with Puerto Rico providing impromptu magical experiences for us that I could never have willfully plan.

For example, last night we had just arrived on the island and were quickly invited to a full moon celebration on the beach. We arrived early and hid under a tarp from some passing rain, it was pretty awesome crouching in the mangrove trees, sheltered from the wind and rain.
When it cleared up we sat in the open and quietly watched the sea and moon. A man claiming to be a shaman came over to us, beat a gallon jug of water and sang to his thumping. He said he was playing so the clouds would move and allow the full moon to shine brightly for us.
The party started a 11pm with a massive bonfire lit by gasoline. A DJ played The Doors and the sparks from the palm fire drifted out over the ocean. It was unreal.

Tonight we go to the bio luminescent bay to kayak with the glowing plankton. What a beautiful place this is!

Please, family and friends, I strongly encourage you to come visit Jameson and I on one of our adventures. We love sharing these experiences with the people we love and it brings me joy to grow closer to members of my family by having these adventures together.

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