Adventures in Puerto Rican Produce: part 2

This is a "breadfruit" also known in Puerto Rico as "Pana".

Breadfruit is quite strange looking. It grows on large trees with big leaves. They form as bulbous, scaly, green balls that hang from the branches. I bought this breadfruit off the back of a pickup truck for $1 in Ponce.

Upon opening this fruit, we quickly realized that it was not made to be eaten raw. Jameson sliced the thing up and we used it all week as a mock meat. We treated it just like tofu. We spiced it and sautéed it in oil. We used in and Asian stir fry and Mexican fajitas and in sandwiches.
Breadfruit has a starchy consistency. It is nearly flavorless on its own but absorbs other flavors well and for only $1 it is a lot cheaper than tofu.

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