Laneys 27th Birthday

We just got back from the Sierra Nevada mountains on a weekend get away from Granada for Laney's birthday. It was awesome, up in the Appujarras (the region) there are tons of these little Bedouin style villages, nomadic construction made of adobe and all painted white.

They are all connected by short caminos (pathways) that take you through the mountains to the next town.

It is very powerful, you disappear into the mountainside, surrounded by cliffsides and livestock, you walk for a while, feel like you are in the middle of nowhere then, BOoM, there is little town in front of you.

The architecture is rolling, little paths made out of painted wood and stucco. The doors have little dangling beads in front of them that sound like chimes when the wind blows. There are many little plazas with modest fountains that flow with drinkable river water from the mountain.


Our gift from Laney's mom was a few nights stay in a little bed and breakfast which also doubled as a vegetarian restaurant. We ate local food and were gifted carafes of wine and marmalade. It was very healing to be up in the mountains and it has been difficult to come back to the city and all of its chaos.


  1. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Beautiful! Is this the "walk" we were going to do if I got to go to Spain? Nana Mom

  2. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Absolutely gorgeous! The bed and breakfast sounds like a perfect birthday gift!
    -Sister Lauren

  3. No mommy. This is something separate. Just some towns in the mountains that are awesome and all connect by path.