Family and friends, I have safely completed the Camino Portugués, plus a little extra.
I walked my planned route in about one week and had a few days left over, so I continued to Muxia, on the coast as did many ancient pilgrims who followed the Camino de Santiago.

Just to give you a brief history on the Camino:

Santiago de Compostela is a city in northern Spain, an area known as Galicia. The cathedral in the city center contains the beheaded body of Saint James. According to legend, after he was executed, his apostles brought the body by boat back to northern Spain for burial in the land where he practiced his ministry.

The exact burial site was lost over time, but in 820 AD remains of a tomb were found and the body was confirmed by the Catholic church along with other civil authorities to be those of Saint James the Greater.
The area his remains were found eventually became the city of Santiago de Compostela.

The pilgrimage to Santiago has been a tradition since the body's discovery, with monks and devoted catholics from all around Europe walking great distances to pay their respects to Saint James. Many continued past Santiago de Compostela to end their journey in either Fisterra, which at the time was considered the end of the known world, or Muxia, where Saint James's ministry began and where his apostles began when they journeyed with his body for burial.

According to legend Saint James was visited by the Virgin Mary, who sailed on a boat made of stone to the coast of Muxia to aid Saint James in preaching the gospel. The remains of the stone boat can still be seen on the coast today. Though you sort of have to use your imagination.

This journey was very important for me. I had a list of things I wanted to work on within myself and I learned lessons along the way that I had never planned to learn.

It was an absolutely beautiful trip and I hope to return to you as a better person for having done this voyage.


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    If the pictures are half as amazing as the journey, I'm sure you were blessed. Nana Mom

  2. Aunt Barb11:51 PM

    Wow Jameson! What an adventure. A pilgrimage sounds inviting. Makes me contemplate making my own someday. See you soon!