A Post Camino Thank You:

Thank You:

To my hat (for your shade)

To my bag (for weighing very little)

To my sleeping bag (sorry I kicked a hole in you on our first night and I had to stitch you up with rope)

To my water bottle (for holding water)

To my poncho (for keeping me dry and warm)

and To my shoes (I cannot believe you made it the whole way)

Fun Facts:
(all numbers are approximate)

Walked: 342 kilometers
Drank: 25.5 liters of water
Ate: 1,475 grams of nuts
Followed: 3,815 yellow arrows
Stepped in: 6 piles of livestock poop
Blisters: 0

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  1. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Tis good to be grateful! We are all grateful you are back!! Nana Mom