During our stay here at the first farm Laney and I have been sleeping in a tent, which would usually make me very happy. Only on this farm there are 20 some odd dogs here, and not the kind of dogs who are chill and just like to be pet and hang out. No these k-9s demand your attention at all moments, especially if you are sleeping in a tent next to them. Needless to say I have been stressed. Most of you already know my anxiety over dogs. Its not so much a phobia as an annoyance. In order for others to understand I often compare it to being in a room full
of crying babies and cheerleaders filing their fingernails on chalkboards, and yes, its that bad.
I have worked all week on overcoming this "phobia", but it has been to no avail.
Tomorrow Laney and I move up the mountains to a different farm, leaving Isaac behind for a few days. We will met up with him this weekend. Hopefully this will calm my nerves.

Hindu's believe that dogs are the reincarnation of criminals and murderous. I think they are on to something.

- Jameson


  1. I always wondered why I'm not a "dog person." Now I know why.
    I will now be referring to all dogs by their real names: Hilter, Oswald, Manson, Bundy....

  2. Jameson -- I feel you on the dog thing, too. That sounded miserable!