Series of unfortunate and fortunate events:

Today’s travels were mixed with positives and negatives. So we’ve decided to make a list:

#1 - Laney dropped $110 dollars in cash as she was boarding a plane and the man behind her returned it to her.
#2 - Guacamole cost $2 extra at the burrito place in the food court, I didn’t get it, then I found an avocado on the trash can, for free.
#3 – We didn’t die in a plane crash.
#4 – We found Ben’s house fine. Ben and Dasa are amazing people, and have taken care of us so well.
5# - The weather here beats the hell out of whatever weather you have.
6# - A bag of 7 avocados cost 1000 pesos = $1.50.

#1 – Our plane was delayed 4 hours.
#2 – Jameson threw up on the plane, twice.
#3 – Laney didn’t claim a banana she got on the plane to customs, so she had to pay a $180 fine.
#4 – Our GLOBAL blackberry doesn’t work in South America.

Even though we hit some walls we are here, and very happy. We explored Santiago with Ben and Dasa. We had a stray dog follow us for about 10 blocks, so we decided it was our spirit animal.

Then we ate pizza next to a fountain, but not one of those weak one squirting spicket fountains. This fountain was huge and had colored lights. Laney compared it to a water show she saw in Vegas, only with fewer strippers.
Also, apparently, people make out where ever they damn well please. In the park, in the street, in restaurants. People make out a lot here. So Laney and I have some catching up to do.

Laney and I finished the night by watching an art piece that was projected onto the front of an art museum. The columns of the building at one point became syringes full of different colors and then squirted the colors across the building. It was an amazing show.

We have a week here in Santiago before we meet up with Isaac. So we have lots to take in. Much love.

J & L


  1. Favorite line: It reminded us of one we saw in Vegas, only with fewer strippers. Classic.
    So Shaka has decided that anytime we open her cage, it is immediate permission to hurdle to the floor and zigzag through the legs of the dining table chairs. Phenomenal. She is great entertainment.
    Also, today marks one week of Nala obliviousness to Shaka. Seriously stupid gato.

  2. Every time I read your blog I can't help but think: "Jameson and Laney's Great Adventure!" Sounds like you're already having quite an adventure. We're parying here for your safe travels and amazing experiences! Love you both - Butch and Judy