Today we learned how to ride horses


We were brought to this mountain (andes mountains- full of cactij , eucalyptus trees, and camomile) and immediatly were thrown upon horses to climb the Remaining kilometers up. Jameson and I rode Together, he in front and me behind. He sat on a foam pad and I sat on a potato sack. The ride up was brutal. The horse ran up the narrow rocky path, slipped and fell on its knees twice, and nearly got its head caught in barbed wire. We made it to the top though, and it was absolutely breathtaking.

Once our camp was settled our chileno guides handed us sickles and we all began to cut oregano. Its a tough job. Sounds much more romantic than it really is. You have to bend over for hours in the sun and try not to cut yourself. Jameson and I both sliced our fingers a bit. At least the work has a pleasent smell.

I finally had one of those "you have arrived" moments, watching the mountians as the sunset atop my horse,surrounded by cliffs. This is really what we came to do. Challege ourselves and learn new skills. Now I feel like I could ride horses with the best of them.


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