Day 100 in South America

This is the progress made on the corral so far. I know it doesn't look like much but trust me its big and fences are hard work. The projects slowed for a couple of days when I was sick from bad water, but rest assured I am well now.

For about a week on the farm we were the only volunteers here. During this time we really got to know the family and the children. They are wonderful spiritual people. It also gave me an opportunity to work on my spanish, something I really want to get better at.

But then a large group of United Statesians came and ruined everything. Now the whole farm speaks english and the family completely avoids meal times. Life is different when your no longer the minority. I'm sure things will get back to normal soon, you know how Americas are, always on the go. In reality a lot of the new comers are very cool people, sometimes you just miss the "cultural exchange" feeling you get when its just you and the family.

Now about the food... Wow. The first time my mind was blown was when Azucena (The mother and jefa) made this warm dish with pears, apples and ricotta cheese. We have homemade wheat bread nearly every day. She makes this fried hot peppers dish and roasted potatoes with cheese sauce.
In the days when we were the only two volunteers we were welcome to search in the chicken pen every morning for fresh eggs for breakfast, and tomatoes from the garden.

Life is still good here. We sleep in a loft above the dormitory. Our hot showers are heated by fire wood. The work is manageable. We are by no means slaves like we were in the oregano fields. We will get used to all the people too, I'm sure. Just have to switch into a different social mode.

-Jameson & Laney

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