Our Current project

We are building corral for the three beautiful horses that the family owns. For those of you city folk who don't know what a corral is, its the place where the horses stay at night. A space with a shelter where they don't have to be tied up.
We've had this problem recently on the farm where the horses get loose from where they are tied and go tromping in the neighbors garden. It has caused too many quarrels.
Hopefully we will be finished building the thing next week. Then we can start on fencing in the rest of the property.


  1. Corral? Isn't that there peachy looking stuff from the sea that they make necklaces out of and sell at Wal-Mart? No?
    Well, shucks.

  2. Another project??!!!! Well you go guys! If you build it they will be happy. Hope your both well. How is it going? I'm in Santiago now and loving it. Send me an in depth email with ALL the details!

    Saludos de Chile