Madre Tierra

On a farm 45 minutes outside the city of Mendoza lay a geographic oddity, which is now where we work.
The work is not difficult, just different.

Right now we are covering a hand made structure with a "stucco" type compound called "barro". Barro is a mixture of dirt, ground rock, saw dust, water and horse shit. That's right folks horse shit, which is applied with our bare hands and mixed together in a giant pool with our bare feet. Strangely enough though barro does not carry a poor odor or feel like what one would imagine poop feels like.
The structure is built by grounding tree branches as posts and weaving sticks in between the branches. Then filling in the spaces with hay, wine bottles and old car shields as windows. Then it is sealed with the barro.
They end up looking really cool, like little mud huts.

The overall vibe on the farm is strange for various reasons. One, is the farm has many different projects going on simultaneously. This means we never really finish anything. I truly admire the ambition, but there is something to be said for finishing what you started.

The food here is Amazing, usually vegan, but always vegetarian. The farm is run by a family which consist of a father, mother and two young free range children.
We are really enjoying ourselves here. Some of the basic principles of the farm, like building a fire to get hot water and having a compost pile for a toilet, really help you appreciate luxuries you sometimes take for granted. I think we may learn more from the attitude of the farm than from our "on the job training".

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