Hostel Love

This weekend our hostel hosted a wedding. One of the owners best friends got married in the courtyard and the party took place in all the hostels shared spaces. It was insanely packed full of people, music, pisco, wine, meat and garlic sauces. The whole experience was a bit overwhelming, but it was truly amazing to experience a Chilean wedding. Granted it wasn't traditional at all and didn't vary much from a united states wedding, except that they partied two nights in a row.

The most interesting difference we noticed was how large Chilean families interact in moments of celebration. We had heard tell of the loud banter and teasing, but seeing is believing. They picked on each other, affectionately of course, SO much more than a family from the states. Our poor little sensitive US hearts would have exploded five minutes in. Its not just with siblings either, mom, dad, uncle Jorge all pick and tease. I kind of enjoyed it, nothing says I love you like a good roast, especially when you are getting married.

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