A New Confession

Forgive me blog for I have sinned, it has been 14 days since my last entry.
A lot has happened in two weeks, so I'm going to break it down into little snippets.

Sep. 14th - 17th.
- We had to catch a bus to Argentina to renew our visas, as we were going to be around 17 days over staying our welcome by the time we leave the country.
The trip: bus tickets, food and shelter for 3 nights is actually cheaper than paying the visa extension fee or the "you stayed too long" fee you would pay at customs. So we took a pain in the ass bus back to pain in the ass Argentina, for the pain in the ass process of renewing our visas.
However we ended up having a great time. Mendoza is still a strip mall, but we made the best of it.
We went to a wine tasting!

Which included, for each of us, 5 FULL glasses of different wines, including the famous Malbec, 5 different spreads to accompany each, bread and a fancy cheese plate. This whole spread ran us just over $15 USD a piece!

Sep 17th - 19th
- We got back to Valpo with a wine hang over just in time for Chile's Dia de Independencia! I'm hoping you can figure out that translation. Although the reason for the holiday only took one day, the celebration here last about 3.

The independence day experience here is very similar to the one in the States, only longer.
Lots of drinking, out door BBQ's (Asado aqui), plaza fiestas and dancing. All it lacks is fireworks in comparison.

Sep. 19th - 20th
We worked at the hostel.

Patiperro Hostel

I built a bar upstairs out of old doors for the 'soon to open' hostel cáfe.

Sep. 21st - today
- We have seriously been enjoying the spring weather here in Valparaiso, spending time at the beach and walking around the city, looking at great graffiti.

We board a plane one week from today headed for the USA. Personally, I'm terrified. Of course I want to come home and see my family and friends, we all have some great things planned. But there is something about the ten months I've spent here that I can't wrap up into description.
I've changed, I've chilled.
Will that become lost when I come back to the mother land?

I can't wait to see everyone, pick up where we left off.
I just hope I still make sense...not that I ever made sense...does that make sense?

- Jameson


  1. Good luck with your re-entry guys! Come to Spain sometime :-). When are you heading to Colombia?


  2. I would be scared too. Mountaintop experiences are sobering when "real life," or in your case, States life, returns. Take the good changes and keep them. Teach them to others. Teach them to me. It's not the same here, but I'm sure you will find remnants here of what you loved there. Mix them with all you've learned and make your new time in the USA all your own. Reality really is what you make it sometimes. Now I'M not making any sense! Anyway, I personally cannot wait to see you.

  3. We are always changing, part of it sure is adapting to our surroundings. I think the differences are most obvious to the eye, but in a lot of ways the US is a lot like Chile... full of generous people ready to laugh and love, little mom and pop shops with big dept stores nearby, beautifully stunning nature sights... I think you will go home with fresh eyes and things will look slightly different than you remember. This brings me to reinforce what Jo said: reality really is what you make it. Just as you have made the most of your trip, you will make the most of your return and it will be just as exciting. Remember the similarities, there are always more of those than differences....

    Cant wait to see both of you so so soon.

    much love,