Getting high on Oxygen

Today I went diving for the first time in my life with my good Colombian, dive instructor, friend Franco (as pictured below).

We saw squid, blow fish, rock fish and eels patrolling the ocean floor. While neon fish rolled across cotton candy colored coral hills.
As we were ascending to the surface a school of bright blue fish swam right through us.


  1. Hey Laney! This is Anna (Irby) from VCU... Wow, you're life is crazy! you're in Colombia!! I'm married to a Colombian! He's from Bogota... We went to parque tayrona a few years ago, its beautiful! I can't believe you're still travelling around! That's amazing! God bless you! Also wanted to say, you're probably fluent in spanish by now, and my husband is a writer, has written a huge book and it's posted online-- read it if you get a chance! go to anyway, hope all is well!! you can check out my blog to see pictures of our new little baby! love to you and I've enjoyed checking out your photos and travels! ... anna

  2. Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That's so amazing! Can't wait to hear more about it. Always wanted to do that.