Hotel Oso Perezoso

We have been doing a work exchange with this hotel for almost a month now. Needless to say, we have stayed so long because we love it here.

Here is a some work we have done pictured above:
1) Hotel sign
2) Mosaic entrance
3) Suspension bench with mosaic trim sidewalk
4) Full view
5) Friday movie nights at the hostel
6) Room signs with numbers
7) Roof construction
8) Paper mache lamp shades
9) Fake fish on lit grill


  1. Jameson, are your shoulders really that brown or did you put something on them?

  2. Ha Ha! I see what you mean.
    No I think that is mainly shadow. Though I am getting fairly tan.
    You should know better than to ask if there is some product on my body.
    I don't even use sun screen. Don't worry moms it takes a lot for me to burn.

  3. thanks for all of the contributions you made to our hotel! We loved having you stay with us. All the best, Los Osos Perezosos!