What we have been doing all this time

Building an open air classroom for teaching composting methods and uses of medicinal herbs. Jameson did most of the building really, Issac and I did the detail work.

Level the Ground

With two shovels.


Attach the posts to concrete blocks, dig deep holes, insert posts.

Connect the Posts

Finished Frame

Cobble-Stone Floor

Laney spent weeks on this part. Slow but rewarding work...paid in dirt

Bamboo Walls

Isaac found his calling

Raised the Roof!

Raised the basic four post roof. Using one ladder!?!


Around this point Isaac ran off to do his own bidding.The electric saw broke. Leaving the remainder of the roof to be cut by hand.

Finished Roof

Hand cut.

Almost Finished Product:

This is the finished gazebo structure. We are working on thatching the roof now…


  1. amazing job! very impressed

  2. Wow. Well done! I'm mostly just glad to hear that you weren't overtaken by a pack of wild chinchillas.
    By the way, I've found Chaka's new crack, something that makes her literally hang on the edge of the cage in anticipation: Banana Nut Cheerios. Don't worry, she only gets one a week. But when she smells that one... oh man, it is ON!