Farewell Santa Barbara

We worked all day on the gazebo. I personally didn't stop working on the roof until the sun went down and we ran out of paja (hay). Its finished though, well as finished as its going to be. The structure is done, the stone floor is done, the bamboo walls are done, the roof is reinforced and covered. The only thing we didn't finish was covering it with hay, which we ran out of.
I apologize for there not being any photo evidence, but as I said I didn't even finish the roof until the sun went down. Which happens at 9pm here.
Tomorrow we catch a bus to Valdivia, Chile. Which is a little hippy town about 5 hours south of us. We are going chill there for a few days then maybe head to El Bolson, Argentina. We don't have another farm booked for the next two weeks. We need a break, a romantic get away if you will.
Although rest and a "get away" is exactly what we need right now I am really going to miss this little farm in Santa Barbara. The family here has sort of become that distant Chilean family I never knew I had. We stayed here for little under a month, which is enough time to learn everyone's quirks and vices. Which are all things I started to love. Speaking spanish was forced out of me in many situations. I learned a lot here, from the family and from myself. I will truly miss this place, but that traveling music has got us bouncing our legs and we have to hit that dance floor.

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