Santa Barbara

Note: while I am writing this Jameson and isaac are outside my room feeding beef jerky to some starving cats.

So, now we are somewhere new. Further south, near the Bio Bio river, which is the longest in Chile. We are living with a family, a mother and her three children. Leticia, our host, has dedicated her life to rejuvinating and planting native trees and plants. She also is a specialist in medicinal herbs. She said to me once " I live surrounded by leaves". Its true. There and shelves of tincture and tea in almost every room of the house. In the morning and at night she'll brew us all kinds of different potions to help our immune system or detoxify our blood. Her work is fascinating and we are learning a lot. She promised us that we could help her make soap this week.

We were able to choose our own project. We decided to build her an open air classroom. She wants it in the shape of an octagon and with a bamboo roof. While jameson and isaac measure and dig, I'm making a stone floor. It's very meditative work. Jameson was designated leader of the project, due to his experience building movie sets and houses. I have endless faith in his abilities, especially after he turned our dresser drawers into a chinchilla cage. Isaac is the projects on site mathematician. It's impressive what that man can do with triangles. I am stone mason and moral support.

We have decided to stay here till the project is complete. Hopefully it won't rain tomorrow like it did this evening.

We are happy here and well fed. The family is lovely and we are lucky to have met them.

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  1. And what a fine chin cage it is! So much so that Chaka decided to share her glee with us ALL DAY on Saturday by chirping at us. I don't think she was unhappy... just wanting to remind us all that she was there. I let her out of her cage and she immediately boinged off the wall and shut up, so I'm now translating her chirps as "Let me out, you SOBs!" I will be fluent in chin speak by the time you return. Looks like you are in a lovely place. Enjoy!