Our sunday

Today we went to the Bio Bio, which is the largest river in chile.
The rapids were a little to intense for swimming, so we waded instead.
The water had that thick blue color that resembles hair gel. We
Over turned rocks to discover small crabs. I love the way crustaceans
move. That sideways walk and "butt first" way of swimming, very amazing
animals, defiantly in the top 5.
We came back to the house and Isaac and I made a US authentic meal. Which
consisted of biscuits, brown gravy, kale soup, and cornbread stuffing, stuffed
in zucchini. Our host family had never had biscuits, gravy or stuffing. It was
great to share that experience with them.
Our host mother, Leticia is a true mother. Right down to the
,can't sit down and enjoy a meal until everything is right,
sort of way. So mothers be proud, we are taken care of.

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  1. Show us pictures of the food and butt first swimming!!!!

    But don't worry, I already know how you guys wade across rivers haha.

    Wade in Istanbul