On our way to Argentina we stopped to camp in a small tourist town called Pucon. This is our tent.
Impressive I know. You see tent prices here in Chile vary from really expensive to "that's an awful tent" cheap. We went for the "that's an awful tent" option.
Our tent, although vastly cheaper than all other options, lacked a very important feature to it. It is not waterproof.
Thanks to my years of training in the "ghetto rigging" department I came up with an ingenious plan. Instead of buying a water proof tent which was twice or triple the cost of ours. We would just buy a shower curtain and drape it over the tent. Because hey, shower curtains are indeed water proof.
So there it is in all of its glory, our tent!
As for the water proofing, so far so good. Although it hasn't rained yet.


River by our campsite

The movment of the water both soothed us to sleep and made us have to pee.

Veiw from our tent

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