Quick update

We have left Valdivia. Our friends (the owners and the exchange students renting rooms at the hostel) made four homemade veggie pizzas for a goodbye dinner. We left the kitten in the care of two german students who fell in love with her while babysitting her during jameson and my vacation in argentina. They changed her name to tharpitas, which means "little claws", because she looks like a tiny gray tiger. They say they want to fly her to germany where she'll live on a farm outside of the city. It sounds like a better life than jameson and I can give her right now.
I can't say I didn't cry when saying goodbye.

We have more photos posted in flickr if anyone is interested. The link is below.

We are in santiago at the moment, staying with our dear friend Ben who was just accepted into a Harvard. Masters program. We are going to a micro-brewery to celebrate. Tomorrow we catch our bus to mendoza, argentina, where we will be working on a farm called "madre tierra". Its nice to have a couple days to catch up on sleep before getting back to work.

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