This is Lagrimas.
She is a sick kitten we found at the fish market. When we first found her she looked. "muy enferma". Her eyes were swollen to almost shut, she was cover with fleas and couldn't stop sneezing.
So Laney and I got a box and took her to the vet. She got her eyes cleaned, a flea dip, vaccinatted, a bag of kitten food and perscribed medicine for her cold. All under $15 US dollars.

She now looks and acts much better. She is staying in our room at the hostel, last night she slept between Laney and I. In the morning she follows us around the house while we clean and change beds. She is even becoming litter box trained, or box filled with dirt trained.

We don't know what we are going to do with her. We would like to leave her at the hostel, but the owners have two annoying duchsands. The kind that remind me how awesome Bruno, my childhood dog, was.
So now we have a cat. Can we travel with it?
I'm not sure I've never traveled with an animal before.
I wonder how much it cost to ship to the states?
Hey Michael Otley or mom, want another cat?


  1. Adorable! I doubt you'd be able to bring Tears to the states, but I commend you and maybe you can bring her to Buenos Airies!

  2. Tears reminds me of my favorite YouTube video du jour. Hilarity.