Sealions at the Fish Market

If you visit the fish market by the port and you lean your head behind the vendors and thier skinny scaling knives and bloodstained stone tables, your see giant roaring sea mammals begging like dogs on thier stone perches. They are massive creatures, the size of an overstuffed horse with no legs. When they are not fighting eachother or growling they look rather meditative basking in the sun, silently waiting. We watched them reject fish heads and spine, they wait for the few boneless peices to be tossed. Jameson said ¨Look, its natural for beggers to be chosers."
The ugly green eyed birds on the other hand, they would eat the leftovers.
I hear at night the sealions sleep in the middle of the street by the port.

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  1. I wanted a Sealion for a pet when I was little.

    I think I still do...

    Pretty pictures dudes!