Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Now I know this title may seem confusing for those of you who have been keeping up. I thought you were in Buenous Aires? how did you get to Uruguay? Well friends, its right across the water. We took a day trip there to renue our visas and check out the beautiful little colonial village of Colonia del Sacramento.

We woke up to a dreary day but decided to make the voyage despite it. The ferry ride was three hours and when we docked in Uruguay it seemed that the storm had followed us, the wind flapping and the rain steadly falling. As we were walking down the street, Jameson noticed the holes in the soles of his shoes were having a hard time keeping out the water. Laney´s unhooded jacket was having a hard time keeping the water out of her hair and face. What to do?

Rent a golf Kart with a rain cover!

So we did, felt much better, and spent the day scooting around on the wet cobbles taking pictures as we went.

Side note: Laney broke the view finder on her camera (suprised?) and so now all of our photos are taken blindly.

It seemed impossible to capture the true beauty and mystique of the town though photographs. Think colonial Williamsburg, but liveable... and more colorful...and spanish.

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