From Parties to Peace.

Once back from Uruguay with a renewed visa we couch surfed for the next three days. This was our first experience with couch surfing and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. At first glance the idea of showing up to a strangers house and staying with them is sort of a frightening concept. But then you realize that you were conditioned to be afraid of all unknown things because of media brain washing from an early age. So you remove the "fear coat and glasses" and find a world filled with genuinely good people.

Of course you come across a few exceptions every now and then, but I've noticed that we usually hold on to the bad encounters much longer than the good. Normally we go through our day with people smiling at us, holding open a door for one another, picking up something we dropped, or laughing at the same person who tripped on the metro.

We are surrounded by these people, but then one person, just one is all it takes, says something rude or drives like a jerk and BAM! Suddenly all people suck. We have such selective memories, but I digress.

We stayed with a french student studying in Buenos Aires named Florian. He was an awesome guy, he even took us to his beginner tango class, where we all tried to dance. He was really generous and we plan to hang out again once we come back to the city.

We made it to the Hare Krishnas! We just arrived two days ago. The farm and campus are very organized and beautiful. The community here is small, with about 25 members. Not counting cats, dogs, birds or children. Right now we are the only volunteers and its very relaxed. We are learning a lot about the Krishna faith, something we know little about. We go to temple with them about twice a day, though we don't make it for their 5am service (whew). The food is great and vegetarian. While their religious customs will take some getting used to, like washing out your mouth before serving yourself a second plate, we get a really peaceful vibe from the place and look forward to the coming weeks here.


  1. So, just of curiosity, do you think that the media is really smart enough to brainwash a whole country? It's not like they all got together in a room and pulled a Pinky and the Brain, "Let's Take over the World" style of meeting. Really. I promise.
    From experience, I know that they cover what gets attention- which is usually crazy/strange/bad occurrences. If it didn't get attention from the public and therefore, the ratings they want, the media would lead every newscast with puppies and kittens. If puppies and kittens got the attention and ratings, then the media would accused of brainwashing us all via excessive amounts of fur.
    In essence, the media, while certainly not blameless, are not the brainwashers here. The public reacts to it, watches it and usually demands more of it, so the media is conditioned to run that type of news, So who is brainwashing who? The chicken or the egg?
    Okay, rant over. Sounds like you are in an awesome place. Can't wait to hear more about it.

  2. I will admit I was having some fun at the
    medias expence. I realize it only broadcasts
    what our culture craves. A victim to the "supply
    and demand" monster I suppose. Though if the media
    can use this easy out I guess porn, violent movies,
    and drug trade deserve a slap on the wrist as well.

    But really if anything is to blame, its the chicken.
    Because chickens are racist.
    I love you sister.