Hurry up Otley!

Today we arrived in Buenos Aires after a 15 hour bus ride from Mendoza. The city is massive and full of energy. Despite our lack of sleep we hit the streets to explore, running a couple of errands along the way. We are staying in a neighborhood called San Telmo which is full of street vendors and artist. The story of San Telmo is one of gentrification you may not expect.

Before the Yellow Fever epidemic of the 1870's hit BA, San Telmo was full of mansions and rich people. Once the fever hit the rich left their homes leaving abandoned mansions behind. Landlords came in and converted the many rooms of these houses into apartments and rented them to the working class immigrants and struggling artist. Consequently it is one of the only historic neighborhoods left and is still occupied by artist and crafts men, living in shabbily kept beautiful mansions.

There are so many more places to see, tango dancers, neighborhoods, artist nooks, and museums. We've just skimmed the barrel and already Buenos Aires feels magical. _______________________________


  1. 15 hours... sheesh. At least my 15-hour trip will be on a plane with Dramamine and when I wake up, I will be in Bangkok. That bus stuff is for the birds! :)
    Glad you made it safely. Sounds like an awesome place.

  2. Hey Laney,

    This sounds so wonderful. Listen, are you going to be anywhere near Peru for June 5th? A really dear friend of mine from Edinburgh is going to be there for a festival. If you're around lemme know and I'll send you details. Otherwise, wishing you a happy and blessed journey.